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Tax attorneys or tax law is a field of law concerned with the collection and evaluation of taxes levied by different government bodies, including state, national and municipal authorities. The work done on behalf of the government is normally performed by an experienced tax attorney, or tax law firm. Tax revenue law or tax law is essentially an area of law concerned with the collection and assessment of taxes levied by different government bodies in a specific legal context. This may include any one of the following: federal income tax, state income tax, business taxes, property taxes and others. This is done either individually or by way of a firm, or under a system of law known as 'the revenue procedure'. The revenue procedure basically involves assessing and calculating the revenues (amount of money collected) for taxation. These revenues can be in the form of personal taxes, corporate taxes, sales taxes, etc. Click to learn more about directly deduct wages deposited into a checking or savings account. A firm dealing with tax law has to be expert in the relevant law to undertake this task. In most countries, these firms are either specialized in the field or have specialized personnel to undertake this task. In some countries, tax attorneys are employed by government agencies that deal with taxes on behalf of the government. In case of state tax law, the firm is usually hired by a particular state's revenue department. The firm must be able to provide adequate information regarding the state revenue department and its operations. The firm should also be familiar with the tax laws in a particular state. A firm that deals with tax laws is called upon to make presentations to government authorities on behalf of their clients, as well as to advise them on various issues relating to the collection of taxes. A tax attorney can specialize in one or more types of tax law, depending on the expertise, resources and knowledge of the individual. Get more info on substantial financial penalties. A lawyer in this field has to be well informed in all the fields of tax law to provide adequate knowledge, analysis, advice and assistance to his clients. There are several firms that offer legal aid. However, it is important to conduct a thorough research before selecting a particular firm. In order to find a competent attorney, it is advisable to check references of other lawyers in the same field who are associated with the same firm. Some firms may charge high fees for their services; whereas others may be more affordable. Learn more from